Tomáre dekechi,
Tomáre ceyechi,
Tumi chářá kichu ná jáni;
Manane metechi, bhảlo besechi
Vishve shudhui Tomáre máni.

Tomári bháver srote ámi bhási go,
Tomári kuruvindate náci go;
Tumi sindhu ámi bindu,
Tomári priiti more rekheche tani’.

Uśńa ulkágháte karakápáte,
Dakhińá samiirane jyotsnárate;
Marme bháse drkbalaye háse,
Tomári giiti amrta vánii.

I called and called You,
I yearned to attain You,
I know nothing save You.
I am rapt in thoughts of You,
I offered You my love, In the universe.

I recognize You alone.
I float along the currents of Your ideation
I dance on the vermilion point of Your existence,
You are the ocean, I a mere drop,
Your love keeps me ever attached to You.

When burning meteors fall and hailstorms lash,
When the southern breeze blows and the moonlit night shines,
In the inner core of my heart floats,
and on the horizons of my soul smiles,
The eternal message of Your divine music.

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