Manane eso priya mor
Jadi nayane ná cảo;
Sajatane gánthá mor málá,
Jhare’áche dor,
Áshá diye kena bholáo.

Já’ karechi ta’ kaj Tava,
Niti niti nava nava;
Bujhechi he Abhinava,
More diye liilá racáo.

Jáni acho sáthe sáthe,
Ulká-vajrapáte vyatha diye
Cetaná ánáo.

O dear Lord, come in my ideation If
You won’t have a glance at me;
The garland, woven with so much care, has withered,
Only the thread remains ,
Why deceive me with false hopes?

Whatever I do is Your work alone,
Ever in new and newer forms;
I have realized, O wonderful One,
You want to use me for Your endless divine plays.

I know You are ever near me
Amid thunderbolts and hailstorms,
When meteors plummet and lightning strikes,
You jolt me back to awareness.

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