Tomár rather cáká Prabhu,
Egiye cale aharahah;
Jujhe’ cale andhár thele’,
Vicitra tár samároha.

Keu thake na piche pare,
Anáth átur sabái care;
Uthte je jan náhi páre
Tumi táre tule’ laho.

Alor pather játrii járá,
Eker ápan sabái tárá;
Bheunge maner laohakúrá
Tomáte páy stháyii geha.

The wheels of Your chariot, O Lord,
Roll on day and night,
Wending its way through cimmerian darkness,
Amazing is its pomp and grandeur.

No one lags behind
The helpless and the distressed all ride along,
Those who cannot get in – You lift them up.

The travellers along the path of light
Are all kin to one another;
Smashing the iron prison of their minds,
They all find permanent shelter in You.

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