Jhainjháváte ghúrniváye Tumi esechile,
Ámi ghumiyechilum;
Maner mukure chande sure ámáre
Jágiye dile, ámi tákiyechilum.

Atiiter sabkichu bhule’ gechi,
Nútan úśár páne ceye dekhechi;
Purono diner katha háráno smrtir vyatha
Sab kichu bhásiye dilum.

Dhiire dhiire káche ese katha kahile,
Maner gahan kone pravesh karile;
Madhumay se bhávaná dyutimay se cetaná,
Táte nije bhese’gelum.

Amid stormy and cyclonic winds You came;
I was asleep.
In the mirror of my mind, with rhythm and melody,
You woke me up,
I opened my eyes.

Everything of the past I forgot,
Into the new dawn, I peeped –
Stories of the bygone days, the pain of forgotten memories –
Everything I set afloat.

In slow and silent steps,
You came near and talked,
You entered the deepest crevice of my mind,
That thought was filled with sweetness,
that consciousness glittered with effulgence,
And along with them all, I set myself adrift.

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