Se din sandhyáy smita vasudháy
Tumi esechile mor ghare;
Chanda chilo mane ánanda dhyáne,
Ainjan enke’ dile ánkhi ‘pare.

Shiyare rekhe’ hát katha kahile,
Nimese sab vyatha saráiyá dile;
Balile náhi bhay jhainjhá-jhar ele,
Ami áchi Tomáre ghire’.

Othá-námá ár patan-abhyuday
Calar pathe áse, o kichu nay;
Laksya sathe rekhe’ calio
Nishcay mánavatár jay ániváre.

That day at dusk, when the earth was smiling,
You came to my room;
There was rhythm in my mind and bliss in meditation,
You decorated my eyes with collyrium.

With Your hand on my head, You spoke,
In the twinkling of an eye, You removed all my pain,
You said “There is no fear – come storm or cyclone,
I will keep You ever surrounded.

“Rises and falls, ups and downs,
Do come on the path of journey, these are mere trifles;
Keeping the goal ever fixed, move ahead
To bring victory to humanity.”

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