Tomáy pávár ásha niye jege’ rayechi;
Ságareri mani Tomár tare ámi pal je gunechi.

Kata nishá bhor hayeche,
kata tárá khase’ geche;
Kata kaomudii háriyeche,
Hisáv bhulechi.

Nájániye shárada sánjhe
Ele nijei maner májhe;
Acin naviin mohan sáje,
Tavu cinechi.

Hoping to attain You, I stay awake,
O gem of the ocean,
For You I count time endlessly.

So many nights have turned into dawn,
So many stars have fallen;
So many moonbeams have been lost,
The number fades into oblivion.

At last, on an autumn evening,
You came in my mind unbeknown,
In an unseen, novel and magic apparel,
Yet I was quick to recognize You.

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