Shuni Tumi bhálabáso,
Kena tave dúre thako;
Kena more eman kare’
Ankhiniire phele’ rákho.

Tomár saunge mor paricay,
Du’cár juger kathá to nay;
Chila áge anurage,
Se anurag bhulo náko.

Dine ráte sandhya-sakál
Acho Tumi anantakál;
Kśanek bhule’sab kálákál
Amár páne ceye dekho.

I have heard that You love me –
Why then do You stay away?
Why then in such a manner,
Do You leave me in copious tears?

My acquaintance with You
Is not a story of a few ages alone,
It was in the past in our mutual love
Let that love be not forgotten.

Day and night, dusk and dawn,
You exist through eternal time;
Forgetting for a moment about time, auspicious or inauspicious,
Glance at me for once.

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