Mamatá-mákhá nayane
Áshá-kánane; Ceyechile
Tumi ápana mane.

Bujhi nái kii je cái,
Bujhite cáhi nái,
Tava karuńár katha kakhano bhavi nái;
Tákái nái tava ánkhir páne.

He bandhu priyatama,
Sukhe duhkhe sáthii mama,
Atmár átmiiya sarvadhii sugama;
Bhálabese’káche ese’ marme háso vijane.

In the grove of hope,
With eyes filled with compassion
You were gazing all by Yourself.

I didn’t know what to ask for,
Nor did I try to understand,
I never thought of Your kindness,
I didn’t look at Your eyes either.

O my friend, the dearest,
My eternal companion in weal and woe,
My soul’s kin, permeating all intellect,
Grace me with Your love, come closer,
and smile in the silence of my inmost heart.

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