Tandav nace metecha he Bhaerav,
Dhúrjati jatá khulecho,
Vilále vaebhav,

Chande tále uttalete
Shanta dhará uthla mete’;
Jválámukhiir uttápete nácla anu sab.

Nágpásheri bandhanete
Baddha járá chilo cite;
Táder bandhan khule’
Dite jágla višáń rav.

O Bhaerav! You are absorbed in the tándava dance,
You are Kálbhaerav!
You have undone Your matted hair,
You gave away Your spiritual wealth to all.

In the turbulence of Your rhythms and beats
The tranquil earth was stirred into intoxication,
The heat of volcanoes spurred all atoms to dance.

Those who were tied with snake-snares,
Those whose minds were closed –
To untie their knots,
The sound of Your horn roared in.

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