Amári vyathate gale’ ámáre dekhibe bale’;
Esecho ki ei dharátale.
Hrdaye madhurii bhará,
Hásite mukutá jhará,
Ankhite priitir kajjale;

Thákani tridashe
Tumi esecho rabhase námi’
Maner korake liiláchale.

Nảm-rúp tava nái,
Shata náme rúpe pái,
Buddhike taliye dile;
Theko mor sathe sáthe sabkále kálátiite
Madhurbháve citikamale.

Melted by my pain, in order to care for me,
Did You descend on earth
With a heart filled with divine sweetness,
A smile shedding heaps of pearls,
And eyes lined with the collyrium of love?

You did not remain in Your godly stance,
Down You came in a hilarious flow,
Into the blossom of my mind,
through Your eternal divine sport.

You have neither name nor form.
Yet I find You in countless names and forms
When I sink my intellect to the bottom.
Stay with me at all times and beyond time,
In Your sweet, charming mode, on the lotus of my mind.

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