Priya ámár, priyatama Tumi mor;
Ghana tamasáy jhainjhá-jhatikáy
Sáthe acho cita-cor;

Alakha nirainjan vipadabhainjan;
Práňer spandan citibodhainjan
Rúpe gúne hrdi bhor.

Se káre bhay kare je páy Tomáre; A
nurager dore bándhe se Tomáre
Káte bádhá ghanaghor.

You are dear to me, the dearest;
In blinding darkness, in storms and cyclones,
You are ever near me,
O stealer of my mind.

O the invisible and the immaculate, the remover of crises,
The throb of life, the ointment of cognition,
My heart remains ever immersed in Your beauty and glory.

Whom will one fear who attains You?
He binds You in the bonds of love,
The dark spell of crises is removed.

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