Tomáy ámi náhi jani,
Tavu Tomáy bhálabási;
Tomár náme Tomár gáne
Chande sure ámi bhási.

Anádi asheś Tomár liilá,
Sabár marma chunye
Tomár calá;
Andhár pathe jharer rate
Bharsá dáo bhay náshi”.

Tumi viná váncte ná pári,
Tomár viińár dhvanite práňa bhari;
Maner májhe mohan sáje
nece’ calo divánishi.

I do not know who you are,
Yet I am in love with You.
In Your name, in Your music,
I am afloat in countless rhythms and melodies.

Your divine sport has neither beginning nor end,
Your endless motion touches the core of every heart,
On a dark pathway on a stormy night
You destroy fear and give assurance.

Without You I can’t exist,
I fill my heart with the resonant jingle of Your viiná,
Deep in my mind, in Your magic guise,
You keep dancing day and night.

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