Kamalkali niirav kena,
Kaoná ámáy maner katha;
Páprite kena jhare ashru
Ke diyeche marme vyatha.

Katai jháptá ese’ pare,
Tomár ‘pare úrmijhaře;
Komal práne sao ki kare,
Kao ámáre se váratá.

Prabhát-ravi álo dhále,
Iráy ráká jhalmale;
Bhomrá ese’ kii jáy bale
Bhálabese’ madhuratá.

O lotus bloom, why are you so silent?
Tell me the thoughts of Your mind.
Why do tears drip down your petals?
Who has caused pain to your heart?

So many storms and tempests blast You,
How does Your tender heart bear all these things?
Tell me that secret please.

The morning sun pours crimson effulgence,
The moonbeams dazzle on streaming waters,
The bumble-bee arrives and buzzes,
“What sweetness there is in love!”

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