Gáne Tumi esecho bhuvan bhariya;
Nrtyaratá dhará hayeche svayamvará
Tomáre nikate heriya.

Tomár ágamane phul phuteche,
Mukuler jata láj sariyá geche;
Tári madhu vuke rákhiyache shudhu
Tomári itikatha smariya.

Tomár ágamane raun heseche,
Bhayál amánishá dúre sareche;
Ráteri álo náshiya jata kálo
Tomáre eneche kache dhariya.

In song You have come, vibrating the whole universe,
The dancing earth weds You of her own free will,
Finding You so near.

With Your advent, the flowers are in bloom,
The shyness of the blossom has vanished,
It has preserved only the nectar in its heart,
Recalling stories of You alone.

With Your arrival, the colours are smiling,
The dreadful black night has receded far away,
The light of the night, removing all gloom,
Has brought You close to all.

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