Tomáre ceyechi váre váre,
Tumi-i jiivanásava;
Ámár e dhará Tomátei hárá,
Tumi priiti anubhava.

Akáshe vátáse bháse tava giiti,
Sure jhankáre mánavatá priiti;
Sabár úrdhve cetaná madhye
Mukharita tava rava.

Truti vicyuti mánuśeri tháke,
Tải to aáu baliyáche jiivle;
Asan bhúmár sab upamár
Úrdhve tava vibhava.

I longed for You again and again,
You are the elixir of my life.
This world of mine merges in You alone,
You are feelings of Supreme Love, in embodied form.

In the sky and the air float Your songs,
In melodies resonates Your love for humanity;
Above everything, in the realm of consciousness,
Your voice is eloquently manifest.

Defects and deviations are natural for humans,
For this reason they are called microcosms.
Yours is the Macrocosmic stance
Your divine treasure is without equal.

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