Vishvadoláy dol diyecha
Liiláy bhuvan náce;
Káche dúre nánán sure Giitir dhárá májhe.

Apan parer prabhed bhola
Dvár vátáyan ha’la khola;
Ekhan shudhui egiye calá bhule’ bhiiti láje.

Vishva Tomár liilábhinay,
Nay habe hay, hay habe nay;
Vrthái kándá vrtha anunay
Rasábháser sáje.

You have rocked the cradle of the universe,
In Your divine play, the world dances,
In myriad melodies, far and near,
And in endless streams of music.

The difference between mine and thine is forgotten,
The doors and windows are thrown open,
Now it is only to move ahead
Oblivious to fear and shyness.

The universe is the play of Your divine sport
The impossible becomes possible
And the possible turns impossible,
Crying is futile, so is praying, In countless forms of expressional flow.

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