Tumi jadi náhi ele
Asibe kena balechile;
Málá jadi náhi nile
Phul kena phutiyechile.

Nidágher dávadáhe
Candan-madirá vahe;
Kache jádi náhi vasile
Ceye kena hesechile.

Dine Tomáre daki, ráte kándi,
Tomárei bhávi niravadhi;
Dúre jadi raye gele
Kena bhálabesechile.

If You won’t come,
Why did You promise to come?
If You won’t accept the garland,
Why did You make flowers bloom?

In the scorching heat of summer,
The intoxicating smell of sandal flows,
If You won’t sit beside me,
Why did You glance and smile?

In the day I call You, in the night I weep,
I remember You every moment.
If You will stay away forever
Why did You love me at all?

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