Candan surabhi niye dhará mátiye,
Tumi ele áji mohan sáje sáji’,
Kotha chile lukiye.

Mánuś pashu pákhi tarulatá,
Juge juge geye geche tava váratá;
Tumi chile dúre kon alakápure
Kache ese’ raune dile ráungiye.

Kona kśamatá nái káháro káche,
Tomári shaktitei Tomáre jáce;
Cáy tava karuńá priitir kaná,
Se kaňáy man náce káná chápiye.

Carrying the fragrance of sandal paste
and stirring the earth into joyous intoxication,
You arrived today in Your magic guise.
Where had You been hiding?

Humans, animals, birds, trees and creepers
Have sung Your message through the ages;
You were staying far away, perhaps in some heavenly dreamland;
You came near and dyed me with Your colours.

No one has any strength of one’s own
All seek You by virtue of Your strength only,
They long for Your grace, a particle of Your love;
Even with that tiny bit, my mind dances in overflowing exuberance.

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