Megher deshe hathát ese
Kon se tařit khele’ gela;
Nám ná bale’ gela cale’
Rúpe eseo dhará ná dila.

Paricay jante párini,
Jijinásá tákeo karini;
Vismaye kichui bhávini,
Jata prashna pare ela.

Mor ánkhike mátiye diye,
Se tařit gela lukiye;
Tári Máyá ásá-jáová
Maner májhe raye gela.

In the land of clouds, in a sudden gleam,
What was the spark that flashed and vanished?
It didn’t reveal its name, and departed forthwith
Coming into form too briefly to grasp.

I couldn’t find out who he was
Nor did I ask about it;
Wonder-struck, I could think nothing,
All queries came later.

Intoxicating my eyes,
That spark hid itself away,
Its illusion, its blissful entry and exit,
Remained etched deep in my mind.

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