Diip jvelecha álo dhelecha,
Tumi mukta Tumi shuddha;
Kache tenecha moha bheungecha,
he rudra apápaviddha.

Tomáy vidyáy jáná náhi jáy,
Táná náhi jáy lok pratiśtháy;
Jire Tumi cảo tire dhará đáo,
Máyátiita he Samvuddha.

Vákya maner agocar,
Bandhanhiin he Lokottar;
Lokáyate ese shudhu bhálabese’
Karuńá viláo, he aniruddha.

You have lit the lamp and filled the world with effulgence.
You are free, You are pure,
You have drawn me close to
You and broken through my illusion,
Oh fearsome Lord, the embodiment of purity.

Knowledge fails to comprehend You,
Neither name nor fame can attract You;
One gets Your blissful touch only when You desire,
You are free from all attachment, О ever-enlightened One.

Beyond word and thought,
You are free from all bondages, O Ever-Free;
Coming into the world of inferences,
You love all and shower Your grace on all.

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