Sandhyábeláy válukábeláy vase vase bhavi tava katha;
Kii vicitra vishva-citra ánkiyá calecha, he vidhátá.

Mánas nayane dekhecha Tomár
Giri dhvase, tárá khase katavár;
Kata niiháriká bhese cale eká,
Geye jáy Tava guna-gáthá.

Madamatta mátaungerá kon vane kata kare calá pherá;
Shon tári sáthe phuler reňute prajápatider itikatha.

At dusk, sitting on the sandy shore, I remain absorbed in thoughts of You.
What a wonderful image of the universe You keep painting, O Supreme Controller!

With Your inner eye, You have witnessed
How mountains have collapsed innumerable times,
how many times stars have fallen into loneliness,
How many nebulae have drifted alone
Singing songs of Your glory.

You have witnessed in which forests and how the frenzied
mammoths roamed about,
You have also heard the stories of the butterflies,
hidden within the bosom of flower-pollen.

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