Tumi ese priya sabári man ráunio;
Aloke snán kariye
Mukhete bháśá jugio.

Bheve acená ajáná
Járe káche hayni táná;
Táháre nikate ene
Maneri bhram bháungio.

Andháre Tumii bhása,
Áloke Tumi-i hása;
Dúre theke bhálabása
Ekatha bujhiye dio.

O our dearest Lord, come and colour all our minds.
Bathe us in Your effulgence,
Provide us with words to express.

Those unfamiliar and unknown to me
I failed to express as my own,
Bring them all to me,
Dispel my illusions.

You alone float in the darkness,
You alone smile in effulgence.
Make us realize You pour forth
Your love from afar.

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