Jaya Shiva svayambho pashupate;
Adi-lishvara Anádinátha dhúrjati
Sarvadhiisákśii medhátithe.

Álokádágatosi triloke basasi
Adideva sanatana sháshvata purátana
Namaste prabho shubhagate.

Sarvagunánvita guňátiita Iishvara,
Sarvatyágii Tvaṁ gana Adhiishvara;
Kále akále ási sumadhure hasasi,
Sarvalokambhara lokapate.

Victory to Lord Shiva, the self-created, the Lord of Animals,
The Primordial God, the Lord of Eternity, one whose
matted hair is turned upwards,
The Witnessing Entity of all intellect
And the repository of universal wisdom.

You come from the heavenly sphere and reside in the three worlds,
You give to all the nectar-like flow of bliss;
You are the First Lord, universal, eternal and most ancient,
I salute You, O Lord, the ever-benevolent.

You are endowed with all qualities,
You are above attributes, the Supreme Controller,
You are the supreme renunciant, the Lord of all humans,
You exist in time and also beyond time,
You smile through all sweet entities,
You are the Supreme preserver and Lord of all.

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