Kona máná máne ná mor ánkhi,
Satata cáy táre dekhi;
Páháře kandare váhire antare
Maner gahane bhare’ rákhi.

Diner áloy ár ráter káloy,
Vishver jata kichu manda-bhálay;
Tári álo-chayá, tári liilár Máyá,
Tári mádhuriite mákhi’.

Jata chila bhay-lajjá ámár,
Sab kichu niye nila kare ujár,
Bujhi na kii je ha’la,
Eke sab háriye gela,
Eker áloy sabe dhaki.

My eyes heed no restrictions,
They always yearn for His glimpse.
In the hills, caves, within and without,
I treasure Him ever in the depths of my mind.

In the light of the day and the dark of the night,
In all the good and evil of the world,
It is His light and shade, the spell of His eternal sport –
Everything remains covered with His sweetness.

Whatever fear and shyness I had,
He took away everything leaving me empty,
I could not grasp what happened,
All seemed to be lost in the One,
With everything glittering with His effulgence.

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