Mane dolá dey
Bháver ghare nárá diye,
Stavdha kone sářá diye,
Dúrákáshe dháy.

Ke se ela bhuvan bhare’
Udvel sab kichuke kare’;
Amár májhe cupisáre,
Cena hala day.

Ke go Tumi dáo paricay,
E ásake ásá ná kay;
Tomáy pete vyákul hrday,
Se je Tomári gán gáy.

It vibrates my mind –
Stirring the realm of my ideation
And creating a response in a silent corner of my mind,
It races towards the distant void.

Who is the one who came, filling the whole of earth
And making all entities restless?
He entered my mind stealthily
It is difficult to recognize Him.

Who are You, O Lord? – please reveal Your identity,
This coming is not worthy of real coming
My heart yearns to attain You,
It sings Your songs alone.

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